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Welcome to the OPIDIN site

OPIDIN (Outil de Prédiction des Inondations dans la Delta Intérieur du Niger) is a tool developed for the Inner Niger Delta to predict the level and the timing of the flood peak as well as the maximal flood extent. That is why OPIDIN can be used as an early warning system. Also the deflooding is predicted. OPIDIN uses for their prediction the daily water levels measured by the Direction Nationale de l'Hydraulique (DNH), in combination with the rainfall in the Upper Niger during the last three weeks.   

Click on the map above to get the latest, precise prediction of the flooding of the Inner Niger Delta (only operational between 1 August and mid-October) or go directly to the floodviewerSee also the weekly bulletin published in August-October.

See also the weekly bulletin. The bulletins give background information about current and earlier flood predictions.

Click on the map to go directly to rainfall.