Actueel weer
Zondag 30 september
Do 1 okt 33°regenachtig
Za 2 okt 33°regenachtig
Zo 3 okt 33°regenachtig
Actuele waterstand
Zondag 30 september
WeersvoorspellingPeak flow level (cm)
Minimum 660
Mean 663
Maximum 666
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Flood forecast
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Flood forecast

The flood forecast is shown in two graphs: FLOOD FORECAST, the first graph, shows the predicted peak flood level (+- confidence interval) in the Inner Niger Delta for the current flooding season. FORECAST COMPARED TO PREVIOUS YEARS compares the expected peak flood level with the maximum flood levels in the delta in the past.

The predicted flood peak is presented in the graph below, and in a second graph compared with the flood peak in preceding years. More explanation is given below each graph.

The presented prediction is based on the current measurements of the water level in Mopti combined with the recent rainfall in the Upper Niger Basin. The accuracy of the prediction is expressed by showing the minimum and maximum predicted water levels (confidence interval). The predicted flood peak is expected to be higher than minimum (red line in the graph) and lower than maximum (green line) and likely to be near to the mean (orange line). The prediction of the peak flood level changes during the course of August and September and becomes more accurate in course of time.


The graph above shows the latest prediction of the flood level in the current year, compared to the annual maximum flood level in the past. The horizontal lines give the predicted peak flood level for this year. The bars show the variation in the annual maximal flood level since 1907 (measured since 1955, but reconstructed in the years before using the water level measurements at other hydrometric stations).