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The final goal of OPIDIN is to inform the people. This is done in several ways:

 The present website gives a full access to all the information for people who have access to internet.

 There are 19 radio stations in the Inner Niger Delta, broadcasting in several languages. They transmit weekly bulletins about the situation of the flood and the prediction for the coming weeks in the period August-November. Here is the list of these stations :

Radio station Cercle Frequency (Hz)
Radio régionale FM 94.4
Radio rurale Macina Macina
Timissa Tominian
Aaba FM Youarou
Deboye Youarou 105.1
Sah Youarou
Radio Kounari Mopti 105.4
Radio Djamana Djenné/Mopti 91 / 98.3
FM Mopti Mopti
Kawral Mopti 91.
Sagan Mopti
Belto Horê Ténenkou 105.1
Dia Ténenkou
Djondjori Ténenkou
FM Niafunké Niafunké
FM Diré Diré
Mikado Tombouctou/Mopti 91.8

 An Atlas of the floodplains of the Inner Niger Delta has been produced. It includes maps of flooded areas in the northern and southern delta at different water levels (Akka being the reference point). The Atlas is meant for people who don't have access to internet. It allows them to see which areas will be flooded after they have heard on the radio or by phone about the predicted peak flood level. The full content of the Atlas is integrated in the website (see floodviewer) and can also be downloaded as pdf file (14 MB).