Actueel weer
Zondag 30 september
Do 1 okt 33°regenachtig
Za 2 okt 33°regenachtig
Zo 3 okt 33°regenachtig
Actuele waterstand
Zondag 30 september
WeersvoorspellingPeak flow level (cm)
Minimum 660
Mean 663
Maximum 666
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Recent rainfall
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Recent rainfall

Daily rainfall is monitored by satellites and the maps given below are taken from the website of CPC/NCEPO/NOAA providing insight in recent rainfall estimates for West Africa. Recent rainfall estimates are given for recent days, as well as for the most recent week.

The next four maps show the four most recent Satellite-derived daily rainfall estimates for West Africa.

a) most recent daily estimate - total rainfall in mm

b) daily estimate, 1 day before a)

c) daily estimate, 2 days before a)

d) daily estimate, 3 days before a)

     Satellite-derived rainfall estimates; source NOAA/FEWS

The total estimated rainfall is also given for last week:

Last week - total rainfall in mm

Satellite-derived rainfall estimates (ARC2); source NOAA/FEWS

All maps above give rainfall estimates in mm, but to know whether the rainfall was above or below the long term-average, the results need to be presented in a different way. Therefore recent rainfall is presented as a deviation from the long term-mean from the years before. This can be expressed by an absolute difference (deviation from the mean) in millimetres of estimated rainfall or by a relative difference showing the percentage of deviation from the long term-mean. Both types of information are displayed in the two maps underneath:

Absolute difference to long term-mean in mm

Relative difference to long term-mean as % deviation

Satellite-derived rainfall estimates (ARC2); source NOAA/FEWS