Actueel weer
Zondag 30 september
Do 1 okt 33°regenachtig
Za 2 okt 33°regenachtig
Zo 3 okt 33°regenachtig
Actuele waterstand
Zondag 30 september
WeersvoorspellingPeak flow level (cm)
Minimum 660
Mean 663
Maximum 666
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Rain forecast
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Rain forecast

Using the weather satellites, it is also possible to give a global prediction regarding the rainfall in the coming weeks. In the maps below, this prediction is given by FEWS for the coming week, and the week after the coming week. Green = above-average rainfall; yellow = below-average rainfall, and for the week after coming week.

Satellite-derived rainfall forecast for the next week; source: NOAA/FEWS.

Satellite-derived rainfall forecast for the week after next week; source: NOAA/FEWS.

More detailed information about the weather forecasts can be found on the cpc.ncep.noaa.gov site.